Hermanos Izquierdo

Over a hundred years of work guarantee our experience in the artisanal wood sector. The generational change of Brothers Izquierdo, founded in 1890, has consolidated the work of our ancestors, adapting to changing times, combining tradition and technology, while maintaining the craft of woodworking in their selection and treatment to reality any design.


We build projects of all kinds: interior doors, exterior and roads, furniture, ceilings, roofs and porches, furniture restoration and is particularly recognized for our quality, conducting elliptical staircase balustrades and always made from the finest materials commercially available.


We also work wood windows and recently implemented new marketing techniques, we have included among our specialties windows and wood mixed maintaining compliance with the latest European regulations. In Hermanos Izquierdo give priority to quality and work from initial design to final assembly of the product not only for individuals but also for the professional sector as architects, interior designers and decorators.


Given the experience gained by carrying and caring for hundreds of jobs in Hermanos Izquierdo we are prepared for those projects in the wood, the design and functionality play a major role in the outcome.